LAPIS is the BEST STONE TO PRAY WITH. It is a stone that is traditional for royalty. It is found in at least 2 forms. Lapis Linguis and Lapis Lazuli - Azurite. Both are excellent for praying. Azuite has been used since the dawn of time for this purpose.


Lapis is for the upper triangle of chakras and has been used to prayer by saints and sages since the dawn of time. It was sacred in India, Israel and other countries. It is the stone of truth. It has been used as a touchstone to transmit a blessing.


Lapis comes in 2 varieties Lapis Lazuli and Lapis Linguis (Azurite). Lapis Lazuli is more frequently seen because it is the harder of the two stones and therefore the easier to make jewelry with. Lapis is a physically softer stone. Lapis Linguis or Azurite was mentioned in many of the Edgar Cayce readingings. He is known to have been wrong only 3 times.


It allows you to perceive emotional issues more clearly. Now, that does not mean it helps calm them or affect the type of emotions. It allows you to see them for what they are, clearly. It is like putting on glasses when one cannot see..

Lapis opens all the chakras and is excellent for the upper triangle of chakras. It is a stone good for the 5th chakra. It helps to open the 6th chakra during meditations. It is also for spiritual growth and the 7th chakra. It brings a higher guidance and intuition. It helps you to connect to the Higher Self. It helps to organize and quiets the mind and also brings self expression, helps with dream insights, writing and creativity.


It is the stone to enhance intuitive awareness and "psychic ability". It is one of the protection stones against negative energies or "psychic attack". It has also been used to help shield one from physical attack and danger. It combats depression.


Lapis is a health stone that removes sickness as well. It's a cooling stone, by this I mean it helps to draw fever out of the body. It calms the nervous system, helps with anxiety and insomnia. It can sooth autism. It also aids with speech and hearing difficulties. It helps clear old emotions and thoughts. It helps with feelings of giving up.


This mala is available on the wrist and pocket malas section. The white space is the pin that is holding it in place.