Garnets with Old Jade Guru Bead

Garnets come in a variety of colors. The most common being dark reddish brown. Garnets colors including many shades of red and many shades of green. It can be found in pink, purple, red, orange pink, yellow, violet, black brown, clear and colors

Garnet is a good luck stone. It is reputed to bring prosperity.

Garnets attract like-minded people and friends.

Garnets balance physical, mental and spiritual energies. Garnets will aid in a crisis situation. Garnet is used as an aid in overcoming depression.

Garnets are good for career success especially for women. It is an aid in becoming motivated. Garnet is one of the prosperity stones.

Garnets were used by the crusaders to light the way home.

Garnet can move a couple into a deeper exploration of their sensuality. It is said to bring true love or create true lovers.

Garnets are used as an aid to inflammation, hemorrhages and inflammatory diseases. They enhance vigor, endurance, strength and garnets are believed to tone the spleen. It has been said to regenerate DNA.

Green Garnet is considered a powerful healing gemstone for the heart chakra, and is able to remove toxins, negativity and traumas.