Cubic Zirconia

Mala is crystal cubic zirconia and faceted black onyx. Guru Bead is crystal quartz

One of the most overlooked stones in healing is cubic zirconia.

It is a man made diamond with properites that are very healing.  

This section is about semi-precious stones so I have not included diamonds but it would not be complete without a bit about cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia comes in many colors. I

t is a power stone.

A 7th chakra stone.

It is the stone of virtue.

It promotes intuition and integrity. It is a distance healing stone for reiki, sat nam rasayan and other healing modalities. It helps you see healing needs.

It helps you see clearly all points of view. It promotes powerful meditations. It helps you "pick-up"things or understand your environment and the people around you.