Coral is the red-organge stone in the body of this wrist mala. See wrist malas to purchase this mala. More pictures are coming soon.


Coral is a symbol of life and symbolizes life and blood's power or energy of the blood. It is one of the 4 healing stones that will heal you and die for you.

Red, orange and white coral are the most popular.

Deep red coral heals and rejuvenates the bloodstream. It is used for menstrual cramps. It has been used historically for osteoarthritis, other forms of arthritis and other joint problems and disorders of the bones. Use it for cough, fever, bone fracture as an aid.

Coral rejuvenates. It is healing and protective.

Coral brings a balance to the internal organs. It works against nutritional inflammation, pain, and stiffness
, bone deficiencies, depression and lethargy.

Coral is used for difficulties of the lungs and digestion. It relates to the circulation of the blood and to the heart. It adds beauty to the aura. It is rejuvenating and healing.

Coral helps restore synchronization of emotions. It balances the second chakra and the 6th chakra.

Yoga chant done with coral brings or help control siddhis or powers

Coral like carnelian can change color over time with the wearer's influence. Coral steadies the positive and negative energies.


NOTE: Yogi Bhajan wore a large coral ring.