I will touch on just a few of the healing properties these gemstones are reputed to do through the ages. Guru bead is Lapis.

Chakra Mala's heal and protect the chakras and the auric field. A beaded with genuine gemstones on Silkon break resistant thread on 8mm gemstone beads

This is a 198 bead mala and of course the beaded semi-precious gemstone tassel.ts

1st Chakra: Red Carnelian The is a stone of protection It is used for the lower triangle of chakras. It is a good luck stone used for protection. It is very healing

2nd Chakra: Salmon Coral from the Australian Ocean. Coral is rejuvenating, healing and protective.

3rd Chakra: Yellow Tourmaline -Breaks up energy blocks and heightens spiriutal awareness

4th Chakra: Malachite heals the physical body. It has been called the stone of the saints Calms anxiety brought on by physical disease and allows healing to take place.

5th Chakra: Ancient Turquoise from 3000 b.c.- Turquoise aligns, strengthens, and elevates all of your Chakras and also heals and cleanses them. Native American Indians and Tibetan considered this stone a spiritual and protective stone, as well as bringing luck to the use. It is said to change color when the wearer is ill

6th Chakra: Amethyst is for spiritual healing. Cape Amethyst Beads for 7th chakra and Grape Amethst are most effective on the Third Eye Chakra. Enhances meditations and spiritual connections. Aids in breaking bad habits and additions as well. It is said to protect travelers Amethyst is also for the immune system.

All chakras are covered with these stones. Always a lapis bead. Includes 4 stones that will heal and die for you.

"Men of great knowledge actually found out about all these chakras -- their workings, their petals, their sounds, their infinity, their co-relationship, their powers. They found out what the chakras were. And, they found out that the life of a human is totally based on these chakras. They developed it into a whole science. This total science gave birth to Kundalini Yoga. That is how Kundalini Yoga was born." --Yogi Bhajan


This featured mala mala is for all chakras and aura

It also has the 4 healing stones that will heal and die for you with cape amethyst beads (7th chakra)

= All other beads 7th Chakra Cape Amethyst

= Lapis - always a lapis bead or two

= Chakra 1 - Red Carnelian

= Chakra 2 - Salmon Coral

= Chakra 3 - Yellow Tourmaline

= Chakra 4 -Imperial Jade or Malachite

= Chakra 5 Blue Turquoise

= Chakra 6 Kunzite or Grape Amethyst