Agates are plentiful. Blue Agates are not. There is little history on Blue Lace Agate partially because of its rarity.,

It was the stone of chiefs in Northwestern Indians. It was also used to honor Father Sky.

Agates are great for meditation and Blue Lace Agate even more so. They are a very powerful healing stone. Good for change or to transmute yourself or a situation. Blue Lace Agate is helpful with the emotional balance of acceptance. Blue lace agate helps with blending into situations. Add it to lapis for prayer and meditation for even more enhanced meditations.

It is a throat or 5th chakra stone.

Blue Lace Agate is also known as Blue Chalcedony Lace and is a rarer than many stones called chalcedony..

Blue lace agate helps one to speak their truth. It helps self expression. It is used for public speaking. It is a gentle protective stone and generally good for helping with communication including written communication.

It is calming for the nervous system. It is useful as an aid for joints in arthritis, digestion, headaches, stuttering, speech habits, skeletal conditions and pancreas problems. It is also useful for anger issues. It is used as an aid for swollen glands. It helps with high blood pressure and skin allergies.

It is an emblem of motherhood and in some places sacred to the earth mother