Bloodstone with Smoky Quartz Guru Bead.

Bloodstone is the healers stone and directs healing energy. It balances the internal organs, It is used for iron deficiencies, the marrow of the bones. Bloodstone strengthens the heart and spleen.

Some of the most prized bloodstone for prayer or meditation is spotted with red spots. Legend has it that the blood of Christ dripped from the cross and plattered the stone and this is the blood of the bloodstone. Bloodstone can be spotted red on green jasper, it historically has been spotted or green, red, brown, spotted dark green with red, reddish brown, or reddish brown with green. In ancient times bloodstone was a stone with red spots that resembled drops of blood.

It helps with understanding of the ways of the world.

Bloodstone was used to stop hemorrhages, bowl and stomach pain in the ancient world. It is used for blood circulation and all manner of blood related illnesses. It helps one control the bladder. It is also believed to purify internal organs and create oxygen.

 In ancient times, bloodstone was thought to be able to stop hemorrhages with the merest touch. Bloodstone relieves stomach and bowel pain. It strengthens blood-purifying organs and improves blood circulation. Bloodstone has a positive influence on a bladder. It is reputed to help with menstruation pain and cramps and flow of menstrual blood.

It has been used for detoxification programs and is believed to help with the start of a new diet regime.


It has been reputed to have been at the feet of Jesus Christ during the crucifiixion and to have his blessing.