Azurite Mala

Australian Azurite

AZURITE is a form of LAPIS known as Lapis Lingus.

It is generally blue, blue green or blue on blue. It is also seen as dark blue and frequently contains malachite and copper. It is an ancient stone used by saints and sages through the ages. It has been called the stone of heaven or the heavens. Azurite has been used for spiritual development since the dawn of time. It is a bit softer than lapis lazuli. Azurite was the most prized healing stone of the priests of the temples of ancient Egypt. It has been heavily linked to Atlantis. It has been the stone of many love godesses. It is the stone to pray with. It heals on the spiritual level. Azurite is often found with it's natural companion malachite. Azurite's name comes from an Arabic word meaning blue. Blue enhances meditation and communication. It is even more enchanced by the malachite and blue and green in the azurite. It is known as the best STONE TO PRAY OR MEDITATE WITH. It is a beacon that transcends the limits of our mind. It promotes grown of spirit and is also know to enhance intuition, prophecy , truth, understanding and opens the chakras, It is known to help align the chakras. It promotes creativity, stamina and inspiration. It is like a beacon that helps guide the subconscious to help with handling situations. It renews and refreshes. It helps with communication and the spoken word. It is said to help with emotional control. It can be worn for arthritis or rheumatism. It is for joins, spinal pain or spinal misalignment or "back is out".