GREEN AVENTURINE or ADVENTURINE - Aventurine for keeping the heart open and prosperity.

Adventurine Perception, creativity, Thymus, ALS, Ceberal Palsy, MS - works to strengthen lungs, muscular system, adrenals and the heart.

Green Aventurine is said to activate and clear the 4th or hearth chakra. The Anahata chakra is at the heart. The 4th or heart chakra is also called anahata chakra and is represented as a green 12 pedal lotus flower and it is here that green aventurine shines in the green lotus energy.

It balances the emotional bodies and regulates male and female energy. It strengthens the NETURAL MIND.

Independence, health and well being, heals the heart chakra. It helps to keep you motivated. Aventurine is for the career, prosperity, prosperity in the career and money in your pocket

Aventurine helps one with making decision and works on leadership qualities. It works on the heart chakra for emotional peace and tranquility.

Aventurine is a soother and helps relax you to get a better night's sleep!

It also relieves tension and helps with a shock Improves vitality, equalizes and helps to regulate and equalize blood pressure.

The name's origin: Aventurine derives its name from Italian - per avventura - or by chance.

Releases fear and anxiety. Green aventurine strengthens one's blood and muscle tissues.

It has been used to dispel bad dreams and hindrances to your path.